Currently Airing

*All air times/days are local*
*dates with a “?” may be awaiting full season orders, back 9 pickups or further information*


Food Unwrapped (C4) Season 4.
Utopia (C4) Season 2 confirmed.


Matador (El Rey) New show premiere. Watch the trailer.
Tyrant (FX) Season 1, ends ?September.


 The Bridge (FX) Season 2.
Extant (CBS) Season 1, ends 24/9.


Defiance (SyFy) Season 2, ends ?September.
Dominion (SyFy) Season 1, ends ?September.


Crossbones (NBC) Season 1, ends 8/8. Watch the trailer.




Halt & Catch Fire (AMC) Season 1, ends 3/8.
The Last Ship (TNT) Season 1, ends 24/8.
The Leftovers (HBO) Season 1, ends 31/8.
Manhattan (WGN) New show premiere. Watch the trailer.
Ray Donovan (Showtime) Season 2, ends 28/9.
The Strain (FX) Season 1, ends 12/10.
True Blood (HBO) Season 7, cancelled thereafter. Ends 24/8.


Upcoming – 2014

13/7/14 The Newsroom (HBO) Season 3, cancelled thereafter.

7/8/14 Quick Draw (Hulu) Season 2.

8/8/14 The Knick (Cinemax) New show premiere. Watch the trailer.

9/8/14 Outlander (STARZ) New show premiere. Watch the trailer.

9/8/14 A Touch of Cloth (Sky1) Miniseries 3.

23/8/14 Doctor Who (BBC) Season 8 confirmed. Watch the trailer.

23/8/14 Intruders (BBC USA) New show premiere. Watch the trailer.

?August Trollied (SKY) Season 4.

?August The Village (BBC) Season 2 confirmed.

22/9/14 Gotham (FOX) New show premiere.

22/9/14 Sleepy Hollow (FOX) Season 2 confirmed.

30/9/14 Selfie (ABC) New show premiere. Watch the trailer.

?September Downton Abbey (ITV) Season 5 confirmed, doubtful beyond that.

?September Transparent (Amazon) New show premiere.

September Z Nation (SyFy) New show premiere.

2/10/14 Gracepoint (FOX) New show premiere. Watch the trailer.

8/10/14 Homeland (Showtime) Season 4.

12/10/14 The Walking Dead (AMC) Season 5.

24/10/14 Constantine (NBC) New show premiere.

30/10/14 Elementary (CBS) Season 3 confirmed.

October Babylon (C4) New show premiere (pilot episode aired Feb 2014). Watch the trailer.

October American Horror Story (FX) Season 4 confirmed.

November Ascension (SyFy) Miniseries premiere.

?December Mozart In the Jungle (Amazon) New show premiere.


?2014 The After (Amazon) New show premiere. Ordered to series March ’14.

?2014 The Art of… (Ovation) Season 4.

2014 Black Mirror (C4) Season 3

2014 The Brink (HBO) New show premiere.

2015 Broadchurch (ITV) Season 2. Watch the trailer.

?2014 Chickens (SKY) Season 2

2014 Cucumber/Banana (E4) New show premiere.

?2014 Cuz-Bros (CBS) New show premiere.

?2014 Dig (USA) New show premiere.

?2014 Drifters Season 2

?2014 Emerald City (NBC) New show premiere.

?2014 Fresh Meat (C4) Season 4

2014 The Game (BBC) New show premiere.

?2014 iZombie (CW) New show premiere.

2014 The Job Lot (ITV) Season 2 confirmed.

2014 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (BBC) New show premiere.

?2014 Les Revenants (Canal+) Season 2 confirmed.

2014 The Librarians (TNT) New show premiere.

2014 Marco Polo (Netflix) New show premiere.

?2014 The Musketeers (BBC) Season 2 confirmed.

2014 No Offence (C4) New show premiere.

2014 Plebs (ITV2) Season 2 confirmed.

2014 Ripper Street (Amazon/BBC) Season 3 confirmed.

?2014 Roots (History) Miniseries premiere.

2014 Sea of Fire (ABC) New show premiere.

?2014 Serangoon Road (HBO Asia/ABC Aust) Season 2

2014 Togetherness (HBO) New show premiere.

2014 Vicious (ITV) Season 2 confirmed.

2014 Walking Dead Spin-off (AMC) New show premiere.

2014 We Hate Paul Revere (AMC) New show premiere.

Upcoming – 2015

January 12 Monkeys (SyFy) New show premiere.

January Agent Carter (ABC) New show premiere.

?January Mr Selfridge (ITV) Season 3.

“Early 2015″ Better Call Saul (AMC) New show premiere. Season 2 already confirmed.

1/3/15 Aquarius (NBC) New show premiere.

April Game of Thrones (HBO) Season 5. Season 5 and 6 confirmed.

September Bron/Broen (DR1) Season 3.


2015 American Crime (USA) New show premiere.

2015 Area 51 (AMC) New show premiere.

2015 Backstrom (NBC) New show premiere. Watch the trailer.

2015 Battle Creek (CBS) New show premiere.

2015 Black Sails (STARZ) Season 2 confirmed.

2015 Bosch (Amazon) New show premiere. Ordered to series March ’14.

2015 Da Vinci’s Demons (STARZ) Season 3 confirmed.

2015 The Expanse (SyFy) New show premiere.

2015 Fargo (FX) Season 2 confirmed.

2015 From Dusk Till Dawn (El Rey) Season 2 confirmed.

2015 Galavant (ABC) New show premiere.

2015 Hannibal (NBC) Season 3 confirmed.

2015 Helix (Syfy) Season 2 confirmed.

2015 Heroes: Reborn (NBC) New(ish) show premiere.

2015 Humans (Channel 4/XBOX) New show premiere.

?2015 Indian Summers (Channel 4) New show premiere.

2015 Justified (FX) Season 6 confirmed, show cancelled thereafter.

2015 Killjoys (Syfy/Space) New show premiere.

2015 Last Man On Earth (Fox) New show premiere. Watch the trailer.

2015 Mad Men (AMC) Season 7B, cancelled thereafter. 

?2015 Moone Boy (Sky1) Season 3.

?2015 Mr Robot (USA) New show premiere.

2015 Narcos (Netflix) New show premiere.

2015 Olympus (SyFy) New show premiere.

?2015 Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) Season 3.

2015 Penny Dreadful (Showtime) Season 2.

2015 Poldark (BBC) New show premiere.

2015 Red Dwarf (Dave) Season 11 unofficially confirmed.

2015 Sense8 (Netflix) New show premiere.

?2015 Sherlock (BBC) Season 4. Series 4 and 5 unofficially confirmed.

2015 Silicon Valley (HBO) Season 2 confirmed. 

2015 Sirens (USA) Season 2.

?2015 Sons of Liberty (History) Miniseries premiere.

2015 Texas Rising (History) New show premiere.

?2015 True Detective (HBO) Season 2 unofficially confirmed.

?2015 Turn (AMC) Season 2. 

2015 Tut (Spike) Miniseries premiere.

2015 Veep (HBO) Season 4 confirmed. 

2015 Wolf Hall (BBC2) New show premiere.

?2015 A Young Doctor’s Notebook (Sky) Season 3.

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