Sunday Review: Veep

Veep episode 7, and for the second week running it doesn’t feel like there’s a giant Malcolm Tucker-shaped hole in it!

With the Veep and her staff taking flack over the pregnancy rumor and the firing of a Secret Service agent (“He wasn’t fired, he was reassigned!”), Selina orders a “partial” full disclosure of all office correspondence. Later, she dispatches Dan to make sure the Macauley Amendment (i.e., the toxic Clean Jobs Bill) cannot be traced back to her. And with the perception growing that her office is nonfunctioning, Selina threatens to fire a key staffer.

I’m loving this show more and more for ability to deliver adult comedy. And by that I mean the characters swear up a storm (just like we all do when shit goes bad), are panicky and politically incorrect (describing a miscarriage as “It’s fine, it’s fine, it was like a heavy period. Don’t worry about it.”), and get bogged down in the kind of useless office hijinks  that we all engage in to liven a weary working existence. The fact that this all goes down in the Vice President’s office is the situation that turns all of that into laughs. Who knew the leaders of the free world could be such fuck-ups? Maybe its down to the British team behind it, but this style of comedy is such a change from the usual American style- its refreshing.

In addition to the fine art of waving off a miscarriage in one sentence, we have the Veep utilising her personal staff in ways never intended- dumping boyfriends before one becomes the dumpee. Tony Hale is flawless in his execution, managing to play both nervous disquiet for his part in the plan and secret adulation in the same scene- even the same line. His kiss-assing later in the story is a lesson in how to fly under the radar when everyone else is about to get fired.

Jonah from the POTUS office continues to be great comedy material. I’m sure if I did meet the wormy little ingratiate in real life I wouldn’t like him, so well is he drawn. This week the disclosed documents fail (on purpose?) to redact a birthday suggestions list for Jonah- most ideas involve amending a cock to every gift. Juvenile humour? Maybe, but anyone who’s ever worked in an office with an insufferable colleague will know the small joy in winding such a person up!

I hate the term ‘from strength to strength’ but it’s getting late and for the sake of brevity just let me say that is where Veep is heading! I had my doubts initially but I find myself each week without a reason to avoid it.

Rated: 3.5 birthday cocks out of 5

Synopsis source: Small Screen Scoop


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