New Show: Beauty and the… Beauty?

I was mildly interested in this show when I first read of it. Was being the operative word…

So the CW’s Beauty And The Beast is a very loose remake of the classic ’80s Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman show- this version stars Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) as the Beauty, but hang on… where’s the Beast? This is Beauty And The Lightly Scarred But Still Very Sexy Hunk With Anger Management Problems. Have the creators of the series completely missed the point? The Beast needs to be a beast! But no, this is a CW show, so the male star (Jay Ryan) can’t be hairy and disguised by latex. He must be prime poster material with a smooth torso for those all-important gratuitous shirtless shots (How dare they! Anybody who’s anybody knows the shirtless kings of the CW are the Winchester Brothers!).

Well, fair enough. The CW bigwigs know their market (presumably). But if you can’t have a beast as a star, why bother calling it Beauty And The Beast at all? Where’s the drama in a show where a woman falls in love with a really good looking guy? Don’t they understand that making the beast sexy even though he looks like beast is the whole point? And don’t even dare quote words like “inner beast” and “metaphor” at us. Still, what more could one expect from two writers who between them have the credits to Everwood, Felicity, Brothers and Sisters, Miss Match and Unforgettable making up 90% of their resumes?

And don’t even get me started on the format/content of this trailer- it literally tells the whole story. No need to watch the show anymore! In one neat 5-minute bundle the CW have managed to so thoroughly shoot themselves in the foot it will be a miracle if this show manages to limp to the end of the season without a premature cancellation or Friday night timeslot relegation. Should have stuck with Ringer guys. I’m lobbing this into the TV Trash before it even begins- a new record.

Source: SFX

ABC‘s Beauty and the Beast Pilot Finds Its Beast

Scottish actor-singer Darius Campbell has landed the role of Shiro, a beastly bodyguard who forms an unlikely bond with a yet-to-be-cast embattled princess named Grace.

Previously for ABC’s Beast — which is described as a re-imagining of the classic fairy tale — Aussie actor Christopher Egan (Kings) was cast as Grace’s fiancé Gorrick.

A relative newcomer to television acting (save for BBC’s Hotel Babylon), Campbell’s primary outlet to date has been West End stage musicals (including Chicago and Guys and Dolls) and singing (he’s a platinum-selling singer-songwriter). He also competed and reached the finals on the UK’s Pop Idol.

Interestingly, Egan also is no stranger to stage musicals, though there has been no indication that ABC’s Beast will have any musical element. I’m merely throwing that out there.

I think odds are high ABC’s version could do very well. Their recent success with Once Upon A Time has no doubt opened up their eyes to the fantasy market and its shown viewers ABC has the right people in charge of writing and production design (unlike poor CW).  I predict success and maybe a ratings juggernaut should the two shows be paired in their respective second seasons. Hey, It could happen.

Source: TV Line


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