Game of Thrones: A Sunday Withdrawal

Head bitch in charge. Basic bitches better bow down asap.

 This is the first Sunday without Game of Thrones and I’m feeling lost (sure, True Blood is entertaining but the shine has well and truly come off that penny).  Around 10.3 million other fans are no doubt feeling the same pain…

Last Sunday night’s 10-minutes-extended, sophomore-season finale captivated 4.2 million viewers during its 9 PM ET first broadcast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. By the time credits rolled on its additional airings that evening, the average had ticked almost a full million viewers to 5.1 million per airing.

Let’s start breaking down the phenomenon’s magnitude.

Those numbers leapt forward 38 percent from the first season’s 2011 finale. At 3 million viewers in its own right, up from the freshman season’s 2.2-million premiere, that means Sunday’s episode set a new series high. The penultimate Memorial Day weekend outing, “Blackwater,” pulled in 3.4 million viewers and was the most-watched nonsports broadcast that night. Factoring in HBO Go, DVR and HBO On Demand numbers, the 10.3 million viewers per episode gross average usurps the first season’s 9.3 million average – making it the third-most-watched show in the network’s history. Wow.

Consider that company a moment. On a network that’s produced “The Sopranos,” “Sex And The City,” “The Wire,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Six Feet Under” and other landmark, iconic cable series, “Game Of Thrones” has thrust itself among the elite in only its second season. Oh, and of course, it’s already guaranteed a third season premiering April 2013.

 It is known.


For something a little more soothing than impressive statistics, SFX has a list of top scenes from Season 2 for y’all to rehash- starting with  the best explosion ever committed to television:

What’s that Michael Bay? I can’t hear you over the sound of awesome…

#1 The Green Flames Of Wildfire

“Blackwater” Episode 2.09

We like to imagine George RR Martin walked into the HBO office to write episode nine and asked “How much of a budget have you got? Double it.” We’ve seen moments of battle in the series before, but it wasn’t until “Blackwater” that we got something of this sort of epic scope. As the green flame ripped through Stannis’ fleet (to many a Wilhelm scream) we were left in awe as to what could be achieved in television. Truly epic. Visit SFX for the rest of the list!

Source: Yidio SFX



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2 responses to “Game of Thrones: A Sunday Withdrawal

  1. Kim

    nah, martin had it all written from Cersei’s perspective. then d&d went and begged on hands and knees to do it better.

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