New Show Update: Sinbad

Sin + Bad = 100% kickass dude!

  Sky1’s ‘Sinbad’ Confirmed to Air in July

Sky1 has announced that new epic fantasy drama Sinbad will start airing on the channel in the second week of July.

The 12-part series promises “a 21st century take on the classic 8th century hero” and stars newcomer Elliot Knight as Sinbad, alongside Lost’s Naveen Andrews as Sinbad’s nemesis, Lord Akbari; Orla Brady (Fringe) as the evil Taryn; Sophie Okonedo (Doctor Who) as Razia, Queen of the Water-Thieves; and Timothy Spall (Harry Potter) as Anicetus, The Old Man of the Sea.

The 12-part series opens with Sinbad banished from his homeland of Basra and cast out to sea on The Providence following the death of his much-loved brother. Now Sinbad must embark on an epic quest to rid himself of the curse placed on him by his own grandmother (Janet Suzman), and embrace his new destiny.

On board The Providence, an intriguing band of travellers are thrown together, including taciturn Norwegian sailor Gunnar (Elliot Cowan), lithe jewel-thief Rina (Marama Corlett), and haughty Nala (Estella Daniels). Completing the ship’s complement are the eccentric Cook (Junix Inocian), and the ship’s cerebral doctor Anwar (Dimitri Leonidas).

 Orla Brady said: “This version, as imagined by Andy Wilson, feels very modern but is true to the ancient tale … I think that Elliot and all the Providence gang bring a zeal to the story which feels modern, yet timeless.”

High seas shenanigans with a full cast of witches, pirates, princesses and dragons and all the adventure you can eat? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

 Source: Cultbox Sky1


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