Update: Game of Thrones S3

HBO has revealed the writers and directors for season three of Game Of Thrones to WinterIsComing.net. And while there are no surprises in the list of scribes, there are some notable firsts among the helmers.

Directing for the first time will be showrunners David Benioff & DB Weiss (though it’s unclear at the moment if they’ll be directing separately or in tandem). Another newcomer is the show’s first female director, Michelle MacLaren, who has previously called the shots on The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The X-Files and Camelot, among many other credits.

The other new director is Alex Graves (Terra Nova, The West Wing). Returning directors are Dan Minahan, David Nutter and Alik Sakharov.

Writing chores will be handled by the familiar roster of David Benioff & DB Weiss, Bryan Cogman, George RR Martin, and Vanessa Taylor.

George RR Martin has previously stated, “I’ll be writing the seventh episode, with the working title ‘Autumn Storms’.”

WinterIsComing.net also reveals that the show will be on location in Morocco for the first time since the pilot.

Source: SFX


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