Update: Supernatural

Natalie Portman, is that you?

I don’t actually watch Supernatural these days, but I put five and a half seasons into loving it so I still keep an eye on news of the flawless Winchester boys (Dean Winchester, goddamn…).

So colour me interested to hear Sam Winchester is getting a love interest! I’m going to assume the term ‘love interest’ indicates a role larger than one episode, for a non-badguy female character who stands a chance of not dying (Ellen and Jo, goddamn!). Also worth speculating- is this a reason to parade Sam about sans-shirt every episode? Gotta lift those ratings somehow, right CW?…

Liane Balaban is the lady in the hot seat. Her character, Amelia, is described as “a tragedy-damaged soul” who “soon reveals herself to be a brave, sweet, smart, sarcastic woman.”

Balaban has appeared in a couple of Alphas episodes as Anna, the apparently autistic human Rosetta stone who was the head of Red Flag. She’s also guest starred on Covert Affairs and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Source: A Neon Dreams Original Opinion, with help from SFX


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