HBO Considering A Third Band Of Brothers

Band of Brothers

Of all the success HBO has had in recent years, particularly by drawing Hollywood stars and auteurs into their fold, one could arguably trace their new network dominance back to 2001’s “Band Of Brothers.” The acclaimed ten-part, eleven-hour miniseries from producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks picked up six Emmys, a Golden Globe, a Peabody and many more honors, and was a big audience draw in addition to being a massive critical success. It spawned a side-series, “The Pacific,” and overall continues to be one of HBO’s crown jewels. So is it any surprise they want more?

Chatting with press in Paris, the network’s honchos Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler revealed that they are considering a third miniseries, one that would follow the aerial battles in the Pacific. That’s all the details at the moment, but we would imagine that series shepherds Spielberg and Hanks will be involved. We would guess it’s at early stages, so this may be a bit of a while off, but it seems HBO isn’t done with WWII just.

Source: Indiewire


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