Justified Season 4

The next couple of weeks will see a number of our favorite TV seasons coming  to an end, particularly after the recent ‘Boardwalk Empire‘ and ‘The Walking  Dead‘ finales. Soon we’ll lose ‘Dexter‘ and ‘Homeland‘ as  well, so what ever will we have to pass the time? Why, the fourth season of FX’s  gunslinger drama ‘Justified,’ of course! Right on time, FX has served up a new  trailer of the latest year for Raylan Givens, with new villains and challenges  around the bend. Ready for some long, hard times to come?

Many of our favorite shows might be going on hiatus, but ‘Justified’ season 4 is only about to begin. The new season kicks off on Tuesday, January 8,  but you don’t need to wait that long for a first look at Raylan Givens and Boyd  Crowder back in action, courtesy of FX’s new trailer!

Not only does the new preview offer a look at the snake-handling  church Boyd Crowder finds himself embroiled in, but also highlights a new  relationship dynamic for Raylan and his imprisoned father Arlo (Raymond Barry).  Less visible are any of the season’s new guest stars, which include Ron Eldard  as a military police sergeant with ties to Boyd Crowder, as well as comedian  Patton Oswalt as a constable and old friend of Raylan Givens.

Source: Screen Crush


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