New Show: Transporter

Flying somewhat under the radar at the moment is new show Transporter. Based, yes, on the movies of the same name, Chris Vance is now the driver in question however he is still playing Frank Martin, the same character Jason Statham brough to the big screen. The continuing adventures of Frank Martin appear to follow much in the same vein of the movies, with guns, babes and money the order of business.

‘Under the radar’ you heard me say? Well yes, it actually screened on German tv back in October. Bizarrely, the show was aired out of order- not something one usually does with a world-premiering $43 million dollar production…
It is currently airing on French tv- in what appears to be the correct order- with no US/UK date yet announced (although presumed to be early 2013).

The trailer actually puts me in mind of the fabulous BMW Films of the early 2000s. Get educated if you missed that slice of gold


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