New Show: Twilight Zone Reboot

Twilight Zone Bryan Singer

CBS TV Studios in the very early stages of a new version of the classic series The Twilight Zone.

Bryan Singer (X-Men) is attached as executive producer. There is no writer and or network attached at this time. So this project could fade away. But the development wheels are turning.

Creator-host Rod Serling’s original 1959-64 edition of The Twilight Zone is considered one of the best shows of all time. Attempts to revive the series have largely struggled — there was a 1985 edition that ran for three seasons (two on CBS, one in syndication), and another in 2002 on UPN that lasted only one season.

Yet a potential revival of this ground-breaking anthology show for television now makes sense. Sci-fi and horror series are delivering big ratings (AMC’s The Walking Dead, NBC’s Revolution) and there’s several other genre projects coming to the small screen (NBC’s Hannibal and Dracula; CBS’ Under the Dome). Networks have become less squeamish about edgy content, too, which has helped producers more realistically depict dark subject matter. Plus, FX already took a step toward successfully reviving the anthology format by launching American Horror Story, a drama with close-ended seasons.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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