New Show: Bates Motel

A&E has unveiled a trailer for its upcoming television series “Bates Motel,” a contemporary look at the life of Norman Bates before he went all psycho in, well, you know…  Naturally, the trailer uses the ol’ “bwaaaam” sound effect permeating so many previews today.

Freddie Highmore as creep-lookin’ motherfucker Norman Bates

The series gives viewers an intimate understanding of how Norman Bates’ psyche developed from his childhood through his teen years. Freddie Highmore plays Norman while Vera Farmiga (Orphan, The Departed) plays his mother, Norma.

Vera Farmiga as the mother of all mother issues

Max Thieriot, Mike Vogel, Olivia Cooke, Nestor Carbonell and Nicola Peltz round out the cast.

Source: Coming Soon


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