New Show: Another Hanks/Spielberg WW2 Drama?


Graham Yost is busy preparing The Americans for FX, as well as serving as the showrunner on Justified. But what he really wants to see happen is for the band to get back together and put out a third World War II miniseries. According to Yost, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are discussing a series that focuses on the aerial part of the war in the Pacific.

“If they wanted to do a miniseries about proctology, I would snap on the gloves and go,” Yost said.

It would serve as a another companion piece to Band of Brothers, the drama about a company in the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division and what it did in Europe during World War II. And while the first follow-up to that series, The Pacific, was not as well regarded, it still was seen by many as being a fantastic program that had a lot of quality. That series focused on what the Marine Corps did in Japan during the war.

Both of those series were developed by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Graham Yost wrote episodes for each of those miniseries and also served as a producer on them, as well as on Hanks’ space miniseries ‘From the Earth to the Moon.’

Stay tuned…



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3 responses to “New Show: Another Hanks/Spielberg WW2 Drama?

  1. OP HIP

    Spielberg remains the supreme purveyor
    of ‘on cue’ cultural incest,
    ——————predictive programming
    ———————and emotive sequence engineered
    —————————PC moral alibis
    ———————————for capstone —‘things unfolding’.

    Spielberg’s Hollywood –meanwhile–
    continues to BALK and/or
    ——‘mysteriously overlook’——-
    the 10th –20th –30th –40th –50th
    and NOW ——–60th Anniversary
    of the awesomely relevant
    ——-RED China, Globalism and EUGENICS

    —————–KOREAN WAR——————.


  2. Congratulations on being an idiot. Your tin hat is too snug mate, take it off before the rest of your brain disintegrates.

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