Must Watch: Black Mirror

Ever been out with someone who’s continually checking their phone? Got kids you can’t drag away from the TV? Maybe you yourself spend hours online (guilty!)? Well, Charlie Brooker is here to fuck you up.

The black mirror in question is of course the screen of every device we hold close these days. You know that old quote about staring into an abyss and having it stare right back at you? This show is positively Lovecraftian in its ability to illustrate the great blank eyes of our technology and its impassive gaze, the non-sentient hold it has on us as we both need and despise the level to which it infiltrate every aspect of our lives.

Black Mirror, though only 3 60-minute episodes per season, is already one of the great anthology shows. Each episode is a stand-alone self contained story, joined to its fellows only by the theme of technology. Season 1 explored just how far a Prime Minister can be made to go in a world of Twitter (pro tip- its pretty fucking far), a future dystopia where reality talent shows are the only way for the proletariat to rise above their station, and a life lived with an innocuous instant recording device implanted in ones head- happy memories aren’t the only thing you can save. There’s probably an argument to be made that a fourth meta-story is going on with the viewers glued to their TVs, laptop-downloads or iPhones, madly Tweeting afterwards (#oink,oink #Prime Minister)…

Black Mirror starts Feb 11th.


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