Premiere Night: The Americans

Gather round comrades, FX’s answer to Homeland starts tonight!

Flash back to the 1980s, as deep cover Russian spies embed themselves in suburbia.

Strain in the marriage between the husband and wife spies is one of the central aspects of the series, with star Kerri Russell’s character emotionally closed off and her husband, played by Matthew Rhys, the polar opposite. Who will defect first?

While the depth of character is what drew Russell to the series, she insists that the story is unique in juggling numerous themes, each of which has the potential to take greater prominence as the series progresses. “The show has so many different elements. I don’t know which will rise to the top. We’re only shooting the fourth episode right now, so we’ll see. But it has so many components that are completely worthwhile and watchable,” Russell said. “Even the neighbour moving in next door that Noah [Emmerich] plays. All of those elements are really interesting and so not just a basic procedural show. I think it has a lot of good stuff and potential, and we’ll see what happens.”

The Americans premieres tonight on FX.


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