Short Thoughts: The Following 1×03

– I don’t believe for a second that all these clean and shiny beautiful people are killers. They just don’t seem like people who have been through the sort of fucked-uppedness you need to be exposed to to be a killer, serial or otherwise (well, that security guard was proper weird. But he’s the only one!). They spent a few months with a teacher who’s supposedly a great persuader (he isn’t btw) and who’s since spent all his time in prison. Even the most regular of prison visits wouldn’t give you the kind of intimate relationship needed for someone to have a ‘hold’ over you till he escaped. As far as I can tell you could blame his British accent (Bad Guy 101, don’tcha’know) for the newfound bloodlust as much as anything else he’s ‘done’ to them.

– I don’t understand the why of this show. Why  is anyone doing the things their doing? It’s just a bunch of cameras following some people who want to kill more people and a bunch of dudes trying to stop them. We all know the bad guys will get caught in the end, and given its on a major network its unlikely to be particularly inventive when they do. There’s just no drama to the plot, no tension, no cultivated curiosity. Everything is so laughably predictable.

– Several years ago Kevin Bacon and his wife got fleeced by Bernie Madoff. I’m not even joking. Old Bernie must have really cleaned them out because it’s the only reason I can see that Bacon would stoop to slumming it in something this mediocre. Man still needs dat cash, yo.

I could talk a lot more about the flaws of this show (don’t even get me started on the evil gays, jfc), but enough. The Following has officially been consigned to the TV Trash!


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