Short Thoughts: Hannibal

Hannibal finale airs soon. Whilst I do enjoy the show, I have been pondering certain things…

– Why does this show even base itself on the character of Hannibal Lecter? The story seems to pay little or no regard to the movies or books (eg, NBC!Hannibal is clearly of European decent, but everything is wrong for him the have been the same Hannibal who escaped Nazi Germany). If this were a standalone show I think it would have a higher public profile (especially with Dexter ending- the public love a good serial killer and Hannibal could have taken his place), tying it to the Hannibal Lecter mythos makes for murky waters.

– If Hannibal follows his ‘honour the whole beast’ code to the letter, he’s chowing his way through a minimum of 60kg of human bits what seems like every few weeks (I have no real idea what the time scale of the show is tbh). Let’s call it every month. That still works out at 2kg of bits every day. I’d say he has a massive freezer somewhere, but he’s a gourmet- no way he’d stoop to eating something that’s been in the deep freeze for months on end? Would he?

– In fact the whole show is riddled with illogical moments. Take a look at how confined the space under a bed is- no way you could get a decent swing at killing someone under there, much less if you were a sickly weakened young woman. And that totem pole had to have weighed, what?, 300kg minimum? How does one man get that into position so perfectly? And there’s no way dead bodies stay buried so close to the tide line without extensive decay and predation, not to mention erosion by wave action. And any fisherman who caught a trout that size would pack his kit and call it an excellent day. Do you know how heavy they can be at that size? (I do, I’m a fishmonger irl). There’s no way Will is standing up to his knees in frigid water with several of those slung over his shoulder for hours on end!

– The Hannibal fandom on Tumblr is fucking weird. Also, this soul has summed up my entire Hannibal experience in an amazingly accurate way:

Bonus thought: Loved the mushroom garden. Best death on tv in a long time! And a lot of the visuals, mostly the visions, remind me of The Cell, very strange and beautiful and unsettling.



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3 responses to “Short Thoughts: Hannibal

  1. Hannibal’s code isn’t “honor the whole thing” that’s Garret Jacob Hobbs, the Shrike.

    This show has a younger man in the titular role, but he is one of the best versions of Hannibal there is. Bryan Fuller has an encyclopedic knowledge of the universe and worked very closely with Martha De Laurentiis and Thomas Harris in order to breathe new life into the universe. It pays INCREDIBLE attention to the books/movies, even going as far as direct quotes from the books at points. We cannot fully compare this series to the books/movies because this is a part of his life that we have never seen documented before. We hear about it in past tense and see a few flashbacks, but this is uncharted waters.

    As far as the illogical bits, I can’t comment too much on those, but I do know that the murders are thought out incredibly well on the show. Georgia isn’t weakened, she just thinks she’s dead so her body has begun to decay in some ways. And as mentally unstable(and sick by that point) as Will is, perhaps he ENJOYED standing in the frigid water. He’s unfortunately losing it by that point, and doing things that are illogical.

  2. amycorvus

    Thank you for explaining that! I knew it was probably down to me not paying close enough attention (I’ll marathon it all again when the finale airs), clearly my brain derped at the idea of two cannibals and got the menus mixed up lol.

    In terms of Georgia being weak- I butcher animals far smaller than humans on a daily basis (ie fish) and I can tell you, sometimes the force you have to exert on a knife can be enormous even for slashing mtions. In that context it got me thinking how she must have had trouble gripping a knife when her skin only has a tenuous hold on the rest of her body. So I was thinking more of a weakness of skin than muscle, poor explanation on my part.
    And maybe Will lost time while fishing? I hadn’t considered that. Sucks to be him, missing out on a nice relaxing activity like that :P

    I did read the books yeeeeeears ago so I’ll have to go back and give it another crack. But I was discussing the cannon issue with some others who hadn’t read the books and they had the same problem, so maybe its time to drop a few more pieces of Hannibal’s backstory into the show and keep us all on track. I still think the show would have stood better alone from the Lecter mythos though!

    Thanks for your comments, I’m far less confused about a few things now! :)

    • No problem :D I’ve been a lecterphile half my life(only discovered that when thinking about how long I’d liked Hannibal before the show lol).

      Hmm, true, but it appears to only have been the skin on her forearm that was so weak, she didn’t lose skin off her hand. Yes, a terrified human under a bed is going to be thrashing, but there’s also the potentiality she was scared stiff by Georgia(hell she scared the bejeesus out of me). Even if she wasn’t, cutting through the cheek/mouth tissues would be some of the easiest to do, as opposed to other stabbing/slashing motions, but we don’t know the type of knife she used or how sharp it was, so we can’t add those factors in either.

      It’s entirely possible for Will to have lost time fishing, yeah. Or maybe he just WANTED to stay out there that long. As unstable a pseudo-narrator as he is, we can’t really extrapolate what was going on in his head to fish that long.

      I’m re-reading the books now, and it’s nice to see things mentioned/alluded to in the show. I think that for people who HAVEN’T read the books/seen the movies, it stands EXCEPTIONALLY well on it’s own. Pretty much the only important parts to the story we need to know is Will’s basically an empath, Hannibal befriends him, he who is a prominent psychiatrist and former surgeon who also happens to murder people he finds rude and eat them/serve them to others. Outside of that, you don’t need to know much about the Lecterian mythos to understand/invest yourself in the show. And, at least from my point of view, yes, it’s obviously changed things(he’s not old enough to have lived through ww2, but Fuller’s answered my questions and Robert/Murasaki and Mischa will at the very least be mentioned by name and feature in Hannibal’s current choices of actions(Fuller’s said Mischa is at the root of why he’s treating Abigail how he is).) but I’ve seen it do a very VERY good job at melding the original Lecter from the books/movies into this other Lecter. If we look at what’s been published in books, we know him til he’s probably around idk 20ish(which would be around the late 50s)? Then we don’t hear much about him except in flashbacks until the late 70s/early 80s. We’ve got minimum ten, maximum 20 YEARS of things he could have been doing that we don’t know much about. Yes, this show is deepening Will and Hannibal’s relationship considerably, but I love that it’s giving us an insight to things that aren’t touched on that much within the original, written canon.

      no problem! :D

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