David Fincher to Remake Another UK Series

UK Series 'Utopia'

It looks like David Fincher may continue to pursue television as his medium of choice. The director of ‘Fight Club’ and ‘The Social Network’ remade ‘House of Cards’ from the UK miniseries of the same name, which launched on Netflix last February to critical acclaim.

Both the director and producer of another UK production, ‘Utopia,’ have linked Fincher to a US remake of their series. HBO has obtained the US rights to the series.

‘Utopia’ is a conspiracy thriller about a group of people who come into possession of a manuscript sequel to a graphic novel called, “The Utopia Experiments.” The novel has made accurate predictions about some of the world’s greatest atrocities. Because the group holds the manuscript, a mysterious opposing group called “The Network” tries their best to find them. Meanwhile, the good guys must try to stop the next event from occurring.

The creators of ‘Utiopia’ have also indicated interest in having Rian Johnson (‘Looper’) pen the project.

As ‘House of Cards’ adapted well to the backstabbing, corrupt nature of politics in Washington, so too might ‘Utopia’ fit with the information and theories swirling around with the recent NSA leak by Edward Snowden. The UK series even involved the American CIA.

The UK series—which debuted only last January—garnered some controversy about its violent nature, and more specifically, about its involvement of children in scenes involving graphic violence. Fincher is no stranger to handling violent material.

This is still very early on and things can change fast, but HBO may be looking for Fincher to bring the same big-screen type feel to ‘Utopia’ as he did with ‘House of Cards.’

Source: David Fincher to Remake Another UK Series.


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