‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook’ Returning For Second Series

Hamm and Radcliffe


Don Draper and Harry Potter are teaming up once again! …In a manner of speaking.

After the critical and commercial success of the first series of ‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook & Other Stories,’ Hamm and Radcliffe have both signed on to reprise their roles for a second series. The show was a massive hit for Sky Arts in the UK, airing four episodes of a limited run which drew big ratings for the network. In fact, at the time it aired (December 2012), ‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook & Other Stories’ was the highest-rated program in Sky Arts’ history.

Adapted from a collection of Mikhail Bulgakov’s short stories entitled ‘A Country Doctor’s Notebook,’ the UK version features Hamm as a Russian doctor during the Russian Revolution, and Radcliffe as his younger self. Set in the small village of Muryevo in 1918, the second series will feature the doctor battling a morphine addiction. Under the critical gaze of his “clean” older self, the Young Doctor struggles to cope with life in the hospital, the Civil War, and the arrival of a beautiful young aristocrat (Margaret Clunie).

Both Hamm and Radcliffe are famous for a single role that skyrocketed them to stardom. Hamm is known best as ‘Mad Men’s Don Draper, however he also had a recurring role on ’30 Rock’ and on the animated FX series ‘Archer.’ Radc

Source: TV Rage


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