Short Thoughts: Atlantis 1×01

– Oh look, the BBC has made another family adventure show set in a foreign land with token minorities largely relegated to the background. And the women literally- literally- follow the maiden/mother/crone trope to a T.

– It treads a similar path to Sinbad and is just as tedious, but at least Sinbad had the decency to look like it was really trying. And had major roles for minority actors. (Ok, to be fair, maybe a few of the women’s roles will develop into major roles but I’m not holding my breath that they will approach the level of the male roles. And there’s still the maiden/mother/crone for them to battle against.)

-The whole Minotaur thing is a complete mid-season plot line and is pretty ineffectual as a pilot. It’s hard to care about characters you only just met when the only motivation for doing so is their care of the lead character, who we’ve also just met and who- quite frankly- is a bit of a wet blanket. Mark Addy plays Mark Addy, Pythagoras the famed Greek mathematician looks like he’s on holiday from Cambridge with a skin tone to match and the lead guy is utterly forgettable.


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